Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply when we provide services to you for brand design, design and build of your website, rental or ad hoc services. You can order our services by contacting 09 42 11 888 or by emailing us at projects@studioeleven.co.nz. These terms and conditions apply from the point we accept your order. 


Your Web Design Services will be charged on the following payment schedule. 

The payment schedule will be structured as follows: 

• 40% charged as deposit, as the project begins
• 25% charged at design signoff
• 25% charged at completion of build
• The final 10% will be due when the site is turned over to you(the Client), either at the completion of content loading (if we have been engaged to do this), or when it becomes ready for content loading by the client. 

The final payment is due prior to the site going live. If any unpaid amount stands after 21 days of going live, StudioEleven reserves the right to take down the site, until payment is received. 


Ownership of the website content, imagery & log ins will belong to the client – hosting on our server is managed and charged as a rental agreement, on a monthly basis.
StudioEleven reserves the right to suspend or remove any sites on our server who’s account remains in arrears over 30 days, without prior written arrangement.


We will always do our best to provide the Web Design Service in a reliable and high-quality manner. However, we do not guarantee that the Web Design Service or any product of the Web Design Service will always operate uninterrupted or error-free – where this is beyond our control. In order to provide the Web Design Service to you, you must provide us with certain information. We will advise you of the information we require when you order your Web Design Services. We cannot provide you with the Web Design Services until you provide us with this information. 


You may request a change to any order for Web Design Services at any time prior to our completion of the relevant services. We may charge you for this change if we reasonably consider it is a variation from, or increase in, the Web Design Services we are required to provide you. You may cancel an order for Web Design Services by calling 09 42 11 888 or email projects@studioeleven. co.nz. If you have paid for services we have not yet provided to you we may refund amounts you have already paid for the Web Design Services. 

If we have commenced providing Web Design Services we may charge you for the work we have completed up to the date you cancelled your order if we have not already done so. 


We will notify you when we have completed the Web Design Service. If you tell us within 30 days of that notice that there is an error in the Web Design Service, including in the website we have created for you as part of the Web Design Service, we will correct the error free of charge. 


Your use of the Web Design Service. You are responsible for the material that you or anyone else puts on your website. Material on your website must not, and the use of it must not, in any way be unlawful. 


We will fix defects or errors in your website free of charge ift hey are due to a defect or error in any software we use in the provision of the Web Design Services. We can provide assistance to fix other faults, defects or error in your website at additional cost. 


We may change these terms and conditions at any time by giving you one month’s notice.