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Think. Create. Deliver. Work that works.
Our philosophy is simple. We work with you to understand your marketing pain points, and then create solutions that will enhance your business.

Our team combines big agency experience with small agency love. The team at StudioEleven can offer an essential piece of the puzzle that will help create a brand, print or online project or campaign.

Our team.

We've got the right mix of talent to deliver the right results. It is as simple as that.

Allie McFadyen. Digital Strategist.

Effective SEO and a stunning website design starts with sound research which Allie offers through proven methodology, up-to-date on-page search techniques, hard statistics and experientially acquired knowledge.

Kristy McCullough. Creative Director.

Kristy is responsible for StudioEleven’s creative reputation and quality. She believes good design can really make all the difference – work that engages, represents and affects perceptions can move a business on, both commercially and culturally.

Maree Griffin. Account Director.

Utilising the incredibly talented team within StudioEleven, Maree is responsible for ensuring the specific, individual needs of all StudioEleven clients are met. Understanding your key objectives and finding the right mix of creative and development genius to achieve these is Maree’s passion.

Bianca Diamond. Studio Manager.

Integral to the team, Bianca ensures the smooth day-to-day running of the studio so it operates like a well oiled machine. Highly organised, deadline driven and with the the ability to multitask, she ensures the t’s are crossed, and the i’s dotted at all times.

Simone Monro. Designer.

Simone is a versatile designer who possesses a breadth of agency experience. Extremely talented in all aspects of the creative process, across a multitude of different mediums, from website design through to food photography.

Wendy Light. Designer.

An experienced graphic designer who works across printed and online media; Wendy is StudioEleven’s go-to layout creative. With her meticulous and thoughtful approach to design, Wendy is highly involved in the design and production for our retail clients.

Sparky and Boo. Meet & Greet team.

These 2 are responsible for first impressions, sometimes overly vocal and excited when the courier arrives. Their day is mostly spent sleeping in various corners of the agency, waking for an occasional belly rub.

We work with you to reveal the story of why you do what you do and bring it to life.

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